About Us

Who are we?

Alacris Business Solutions Limited is a technology solutions company with a vision to transform businesses in different sectors to leverage advancement in ICT to simplify and optimize business operations and help organisations achieve their business outcomes.

 The founders of Alacris have over four decades of combined experience working with technology in the ISP, Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication industry, building applications, networks, implementing security, and managing business operations.

As avid believers in the transformative power of technology, we work closely with our clients in understanding their business needs and environment and helping them take bold steps on their Digital Transformation journey.

● We imagine tomorrow and act today
● We always act to build and maintain trust
● We simplify because simple works better
● We treat everyone with respect
● We don’t stop learning


We use technology to transform and simplify our clients’ way of doing business, enabling them to add value and achieve their business outcomes.


Our vision is to become a trusted, knowledgeable and innovative go-to partner in digital transformation across different industries on the African Continent.
We want to be recognised as:

Workplace Evolution

The need for collaboration among staff from different locations and using different devices demands that data access, storage and retrieval need to be simplified while keeping it safe from leaks and intentional unauthorised access and abuse. The design of operational workflows needs to support the changing definition of a workplace, which is literally anywhere, anytime.

Customer insight and Service

The fast changing needs of customers demands that any business intimately understands the demography, preferences and general needs of its customers in order to tailor delivery channels and services to their satisfaction.

Process Automation

In order to unlock productivity, accelerate time‑to‑market, and transform employee and customer experiences, businesses need to adopt a strategy of automation of their traditional processes. Efficiency in the modern world is difficult to achieve without a significant level of automation.


The high amount of structured and unstructured data generated in the business requires aggregation, correlation and interpretation of data for it to be useful. This demands that data from various sources is collected, stored and effectively analysed with modem technologies such as Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to provide actionable insight that will enable the business to predict future needs of its customers, even before their customers know they do.